Our Main Aims:

  1. We make known which pubs/bars we believe serve great real ale, by having entries in the nationally published CAMRA good beer guide. Also we give local awards for pubs using different themes and criteria such as pub of the season, best newly opened pub etc.
  2. With increasing pub losses we campaign for the preservation of individual threatened pubs, especially those serving real ale. We believe and will highlight that some interests seek change which is to the detriment of local communities and viable pub premises.
  3. The element of socialisation is part of what pubs are all about and the branch aims to reflect this through regular social events that have a friendly atmosphere. This friendship extends to us being grateful and broadly supportive of each other in regard to the many voluntary roles we carry out.
  4. As a consumer group we seek sometimes not just to support, but also to remind and make suggestions to breweries, pub chains, councils and other organisations on various aspects of our consumer interest.

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