The committee was elected at the 2014 EGM, which was held on 31st March 2014.

Committee meetings are held in the first week of each month and are open to all members.

Please contact us if you are interested in filling our vacant Young Members Rep or Membership Secretary positions.

Committee Posts

Chair – Steve Silcock
The Chair chairs our committee meetings and represents the branch at regional CAMRA meetings.

Secretary – Anna Ainsworth
The Secretary is in charge of minuting the committee meetings.

Treasurer – Jan Mondrzejewski
The Treasurer manages the branch’s finances

Membership Secretary – Julian Stone
The Membership Secretary looks at ways to grow and maintain the branch’s membership and activation.

Social Secretary – Andrew Sewell
The Social Secretary liaises with the committee to arrange branch socials and committee meetings.

Branch Contact – Neil Pettigrew
The Branch Contact is the point of contact for the branch.

Pub Preservation Officer – Neil Pettigrew
The Pub Preservation Officer coordinates campaigns to protect pubs and pub buildings.

Pub Registrar – Andy Large
The Pub Registrar maintains records of all the pubs in the branch area.

Brewery Liaison Officer Coordinator – Eric Camfield
BLOs form a link between CAMRA and the breweries within the branch area.

Beer Scores Coordinator – Julian Stone
The beer scores coordinator collates the collected beer scores and reports this to the committee to facilitate Good Beer Guide selection.

Young Members – Vacant
The Young Members contact aims to recruit and retain young members within the branch.

Festival Organiser – Anna Ainsworth
The festival organiser is responsible for the branch’s beer festivals.

Webmaster – Adam Ainsworth
The webmaster maintains this website.

Other Committee Members
Lisa Riemers and Julian Townsend