With pubs closing at a rate of 16 every week, CAMRA is working harder than ever to support local pubs through these difficult times.

Well-run pubs play an invaluable role at the heart of their local communities, providing a safe, regulated and sociable environment in which people can enjoy a drink responsibly and interact with people from different backgrounds.  CAMRA’s own research shows that 84% of people believe that a pub is as essential to community life as a shop or post office.

Despite their popularity, pubs are currently under threat as never before. A combination of factors has led to more and more pub owners shutting down pubs and seeking to convert the buildings to other uses. However, there are many examples of communities successfully fighting to save their local pub and guidance on these pages draws on their experiences.

Many (but sadly not all) changes of use need planning permission and the planning system often represents the best chance to save a pub from oblivion. If the local planning authorities are on your side, this campaigning becomes much easier.

Despite all the threats to pubs, the good news is that there are numerous now-thriving pubs up and down the country, which would be private houses or heaps of rubble, but for the efforts of local campaigns. Detailed guidance in our Saving your Local Pub section takes you through the key steps in running a campaign.