ACV Application Process

Help protect your local pub by seeking Asset of Community Value status.

Applying is easier than you might think and SE London CAMRA can help as we meet the local community body qualifying criteria to submit ACV applications.


How To Submit an ACV Application in the Name of SE London CAMRA

1. First check the pub is not already listed as an ACV – view the list of ACV pubs in SE London here.

2. Gather details of the various ways in which the pub supports and serves the local community. You may wish to download a copy of our ACV survey form first to ensure you capture all relevant information, click to download in Word or PDF format.

3. Before making the application, consider whether or not to approach the landlord/manager of the pub.  If they are likely to support the application they will be able to provide details of community activities in the pub. Most landlords will be delighted CAMRA has taken an interest in their pub and want to help give it some protection.  If a landlord needs convincing of the benefits of an ACV, CAMRA HQ have produced guidance aimed at licencees which can be accessed here.

4. Once you have gathered all the information, if you are a CAMRA member you can then input the application details directly into the CAMRA HQ online request system.  Alternatively, members and non-members may send a copy of the survey form to our Branch to input on your behalf.

5. Note that Lewisham Council require additional supporting information on community use to be submitted with every ACV application for a pub. This can include posters/flyers for events, letters of support, etc – it is acceptable to include website/social media event links within the application form.


To input the application online yourself:

– It is essential you first email to obtain authorisation to make the application on behalf of the Branch;

– Once authorisation is received click here to complete the online application;

– CAMRA HQ will then complete an application on the relevant local authority’s template and return it to you with a copy of the Land Register;

– Email the application and supporting documents to the local authority and copy in

– The local authority has to determine the application within 8 weeks.


To request the Branch input the application on your behalf:

– Email the completed ACV survey form to


Local Authority ACV Contact Email Addresses:



Royal Greenwich:



Further information on Assets of Community Value